If you are a regular listener of this podcast odds are there is a part of you that wants something more out of life. More wealth, more happiness, more...View Details

Today Tim Krotiris Philotimo Group CEO sits down with Nick Hulett the General Manager - Media, Communications & Community at ICC T20 World Cup 202...View Details

Something we have all done at one stage on our business journey is hide our gaps, whether it’s a gap in knowledge, a gap in offering or even a gap in ...View Details

As business owners and leaders, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of seeking out excitement or drama on our business path particularly in rece...View Details

Today Tim is joined by Brian Gallagher co-founder of throwback fitness, Author of the Simple Man Guide. A  man who turned his back on the path he had ...View Details

Perseverance is a fundamental and necessary trait for all business owners particularly when faced with hard times but how do we know when we’ve tipped...View Details

Today Tim  Krotiris, Philotimo Global Founder and Backable host sits down with Rhys Gorgol founder and Creative Director of  Melbourne based design-le...View Details

Today husband and wife team Tim Krotiris, Philotimo CEO  and Elana Harari Group CEO sit down to discuss a topic close to their hearts. Partnerships. T...View Details

Today Tim Krotiris, Philotimo and Backable CEO sits down with Elana Harari Philotimo Group COO sit down to reflect on the worst business advice we’ve ...View Details

Today Tim sits down with John Capon from  Pinnacle Psychology and Consulting. John is  Psychologist and Workplace Mental Health Strategist with over 1...View Details

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